Sauer Day 1


Today, I got up at 4 AM and drove to DFW airport, where after an hour and a half wait, I boarded a plane bound to San Juan, Puerto Rico. There, I had a four hour layover and had a small, overpriced pizza for lunch. At around 5:30 PM, Iboarded another much smaller plane and flew to Tortola. I went through customs upon landing and was welcomed to the BVI by Casey and Jeff, our dive instuctors. Then, I rode their boat to Virgin Gorda, where after a brief wait for dinner to be set up, I rode a bus to the Guavaberry hotel. I was placed into a room with the other Marine 2 students, making four people total in my room. After a 10 minute break in my cabin, I went to the teachers’ cabin to  have dinner. I had pizza (again), but this time, instead of being mediocre and overpriced, it was a delicious BBQ pulled pork pizza. When I finished dinner, I was assigned to the Sea Dragon boat, with about half of my class, and got my Dive BVI T-shirt and swim shirt. After that, I went back to my cabin, picked up my iPad, and went to the break room, which concludes my day so far as that is where I am now.