Day 1, Wunderlick


Today, we left from Dallas early in the morning to head off to the British Virgin Islands. The first flight was long but the wait in the Puerto Rico airport was much worse. Luckily, Jack Lynch, Miles Burrow, Brock Scarcella, and I found a Cheeseburger in Paradise at a Margaritaville in the airport. The next flight was on a very small plane which was pretty shaky but the view was great. After landing in the BVI, Casey and Jeff picked us up in their new boat, the Seawolf. This was the best part of the Day because the view was incredible and the breeze on the boat was amazing. I am excited to get to work with Casey and Jeff because they seemed like such good people. After eating some good pizza, we settled down in our cabin which was very toasty at first. However, after setting up the windows the breeze was very nice. I am excited to live on the island with Jack, Cooper, and Reece. The trip should be great and I’m excited to get in the water, tomorrow.