Marine biology blog: Day 6


We had a pretty short last day today. We started with breakfast at 9:00 and made our way to the beach for the service project. Our project was to pick up trash off of a beach next to the water source for the island. We walked around with trash bags and picked up any piece of garbage that wasn’t supposed to be there and put it in the bag. There was a lot of nets and rope that we had to pick up and there was a bulldozer that had been on the beach long enough to completely rust over. We spent about and hour and 15 minutes cleaning the beach before going to lunch. After lunch, we had a lot of free time before going to dinner at 6:00. We ate at a nice restaurant on the waterfront and afterwards we watched a video of the week and said goodbye to the Dive BVI staff. I had a fun week and am glad I chose to go on this trip.