Last day


Today we woke up around 8:00 and went to Doc and Mr. Kirby’s cabin for breakfast. We had donuts and Quaker oat bars with some fruit for breakfast. We then got picked up by Glenn at the cattle guard at 9:00 and headed to the beach that we were cleaning up. The beach was near the water plant which sometimes caused this beach to have algae blooms. While cleaning up I found a steering wheel a seat belt and a huge pipe that took two people to carry it. I also filled an entire large bag full of garbage. We found several interesting shells and also a lot of sea glass. Some other odd things people found were a dolls leg, a boats battery, the frame of a car and a trash can. All in all the group picked up three truck fulls of garbage and the beach looked ten times better after the clean up. Afterwards we went to a restaurant were I had a BBQ pulled pork rap and then we went shopping. I tried to then by my sister’s some mask straps that I thought they would like but my card was declined because the card company thought the card was stolen and didn’t let the transaction go through. When we got back to our cabin we played a card game called hearts for 4 hours and then started getting ready for dinner. Dinner was at a nice restaurant on the dock with all the dive BVI staff. We took pictures with the staff and each other in front of the sunset and had a tasty dinner. The teachers then played a slide show going over the highlights of the week including turtle tagging, the baths and all the rest of our dives. It was fun to recap all the fun we had and it helped us to recap what we learned during the trip.we then had dessert and said our final goodbyes before leaving. We then went to sleep around 12:00