Day 6 BVI


Day 6
Today we got to sleep in an hour later than normal, we only has to be at the teachers’ cabin by 9. There we met them and the dive crew for some breakfast like we had a few days previous. Except this time we had giant donuts that we couldn’t even finish. After breakfast, we went back to our cabins for a minute to change into work clothes, met at the cattle guard, and got on our bus to go to handsome bay for our service project. The beach was right by a water treatment plant, so the water was pumped in and out and trash could get stuck there. It also was facing a heavily traveled direction where many ships and their passengers may throw trash off and it all washes up there. We cleaned up all kinds of trash on the rocks for about and hour and a half, and after we were done, the difference was very visible and a huge improvement had been made. After we had finished and disposed of all the trash, we went back to the marina and had lunch and shopped a little in the dive BVI shop before heading back to Guavaberry. We had free time for a little bit. I played cards with my cabin before going to the wifi room for an hour and I decided not to go to the beach because of some weird needle fish things all in the water. We cleaned up and got dressed nicely and met at the cattle guard. Before we left, everyone signed a ranger flag to give to Casey as a thank you. We got on our bus and went to a restaurant on the bay called The Mermaid. There we had our final buffet and I got all the dive staff to sign my dive log before we had a slideshow of the entire week in pictures and videos. Then we got back to the cabin, and packed up before going to bed. In the morning we got up at 4, met at the cattle guard, and got on a boat, said our farewells to Casey, arrived at Tortola, said goodbye to Jeff and Andrea, and went to the airport. We paid our taxes and I got randomly selected at security for a pat down and bag check, holla. I’m going to miss this place, I can’t wait to come back.