Day Five BVI


Today I woke up and got ready for the day. We ae breakfast at the same place we had two times before. I had the hot oats and a side of scrambled eggs. Then we got on the boat and on the way to Jesuit Reef, Casey briefed us on what we are going to do. What we did was pick up broken or slightly deseased coral and put it in a bucket. After that we would go to Jesuit reef and replant it. That’s all. Unfortunately I did not dive today because of my sinus infection. Mr. Kirby said I could snorkel and look for good coral to collect and knock my hands together to get the others attention if I saw some. He also gave ma a GoPro to take pictures and video with. When enough coral was collected, we got back on the boats and Sarah let us shorten some of the pieces with a screw driver and a hammer. (Like hammering in a nail) then we got a distance away from Jesuit reef and the eyes in the sky(shallower water? Haha) would snorkel around and give supplies to the people transplanting the corals down below. We had four doing that job. It was me, Elliot Hartman, Dr. Grunninger, and Mrs. Boyle. I was given a bid red dot that floats in the water and in it were weights with red strings and a cork tied at the top, these were markers for whee to plant. There were also rulers and tubes of a certain substance that stuck to rocks and gave support to the coral. It’s called Epoxy. So basically, I floated around with this red dot and gave whatever anyone needed to him or her. I was told I was very helpful and I’m glad I was. I was worried I would be very useless. After exactly 68 minutes doing that we made the journey back to the boats. It was about a ten minute swim back. Once on the boat, we ate lunch and turned back in to the harbor. Now, Ryan and I just got done working out and we still have some time before a pizza dinner so I thought I’d tell you about today. So until tomorrow, that’s all I got for you!