Day Six BVI


Today was good. Much more relaxed than the rest of the trip. Things are starting to wind down now. Today we woke up and went to the teachers’ cabin to eat breakfast. After that we all got on the bus and headed up to the beach to do some cleaning us for the city. This was our way to give back to Virgin Gorda in return of what it has given us. Virgin Gorda has given us a really cool trip and experience. After cleaning up the beach for about 90 minutes, we loaded up the back of Casey’s truck and dumped it at a trash place and headed to lunch. I are next to Matthew Horvath and we talked about the trip, the upcoming year and Good Shepherd memories. After that we had a littl bit to shop around. I looked around in the stores and I just got a nice t-shirt and I donated some money to ARC, which is an animal shelter here in Virgin Gorda, and I got a dog tag that says “Friend of ARC Virgin Gorda, BVI”. There is also a dog paw print on the back. We headed back to the cabins for the rest of the day before dinner. I got on the bed and immediately fell asleep. I slept for two hours until John came in and I realized I fell asleep. Now I’m writing this with a sticker on my forehead that says I’m worth 24 dollars that John stuck on me since we were joking around (haha) and I think I’ll turn it early and get ready for dinner. It’s been a great trip and hopefully I return next year!