Final blog, goodbye BVI


Today was my last day here in the BVI, except for tomorrow’s trip to the plane home, and I gotta say it was pretty fun. Today started off better than the other days because we were given the gift of sleeping in today. Since I still woke up at the same time as usual due to the excessive amount of light our windows leak into the room I had quite a bit of time to kill, so I used the time to make both hot tea and some iced tea for later, this proved to be very worthwhile. After a breakfast that consisted of the biggest donut I’ve ever seen and some juice we headed off to the beach to pick up some trash. I swear this must have been the hottest day during our stay as I was sweating like mad out on that beach, that or on the other days the water kept me cool. On the beach the Warsaw wrecking ball found a broken and discarded parasailing board which I thought was ridiculous, how does one lose and entire board? After about an hour and a half of work the beach was looking just dandy and we headed back to grab some lunch. Then after lunch we got the afternoon off to pack, blog or simply relax on the beach but since the back of my legs were and still are pretty darn fried I did not chill on the beach. This is where the iced tea came in handy as I spent a good thirty minutes enjoying the view from the deck while drinking that refreshing beverage. Then I went down to with my roommates to pay of our food tab and relax in the lounge. The last dinner at the mermaid cafe, which is a two level structure right on the water, was absolutely beautiful with the exception of the large barge in the view. After returning to the cabins I had to unfortunately finish packing and say goodbye to the BVI. Overall the trip was glorious and truly a trip I shall never forget.