Day 5


Today was a great day! It started off with breakfast at the marina then we went straight to the dive boat. During the briefing for the first dive Jessica and Jeremy taught us the proper way to harvest coral for replanting. First off they explained that it was necessary to wear gloves because the oils from human hands break down the mucus layer on coral and leave them susceptible to disease. On this dive we were to look for diseased coral with the tips still attached so that we could harvest them and transplant them to the Jesuit reef; it was a very short dive; I didn’t even have to change tanks. After a short boat ride over to our reef, Casey briefed us on the proper way to plant coral. We used epoxy as an artificial substrate for the coral. This dive was really fun because after we planted our coral we got to swim back with our dive buddies and explore the coral reefs on the way back to the boat. I finally got my air intake to a pretty good level on this dive and came up with a lot of extra air.