Day 4


This morning, we were treated to a delicious and nutritious breakfast outside of the teachers cabin. After breakfast, we headed out to the boats and were given a presentation on turtles by Joel, a government official and head of the CFD. During this presentation, he demonstrated the techniques of catching the speedy creatures. After this, our group made a beautiful drive to the even more beautiful Savannah Bay. It was here where we studied inverts and had a nice snorkel in crystal clear water. After eating a delish sandwich lunch, we headed over to the boats to rendezvous with Joel again and began our turtle tagging adventure. After an unsuccessful run in the open water, we decided to take our talents to the shallow waters near the beach. As soon as we dove in, I look to my left and see Luke wrestling a 70 lbs turtle. After we got it into the boat, Joel took us through the very interesting turtle tagging process. After tagging, we headed in and then had an awesome asian dinner along with awesome sushi and talked to Casey about tomorrow’s plan. Can’t wait to transplant coral tomorrow.