Day 4


Today, we got to sleep in until 8:00 which was very nice after a long day yesterday. Even though we got to sleep in, I woke up at 7 to go down to the wifi room. After staying there for a while, I went back up to the teacher’s cabin for breakfast. For breakfast, we ate some yogurt, fresh fruit, granola bars, apple juice, and more. Once we finished eating, we headed down to the front entrance of the resort in order for Glen to pick us up to start our long day.

Once Glen picked us up, we headed down to Savannah Bay to snorkel and learned about different sea creatures. Once we had a lovely class outside, we went down to the water to start our shallow snorkel which was awesome. When some of us finished, we mingled with some Canadian supermodels until we were interrupted by Doc due to our lack of ointment. Once we finished on the beach, we went back to the Doc to begin our turtle tagging.

We got to the dock and entered on to the boat. We got all the ropes ready for turtle tagging once we were on the ocean. Six people jumped in the water, including me, and held onto the ropes behind the boat for a good twenty minutes and we still didn’t see one turtle. We then realized that it would be easier in the shallow water closer to the bay. Once we got into the shallow water, Luke Kelley spotted a green turtle and caught it all by himself within the first five minutes of moving to the shallower water. Once we brought him back to the boat, we took the measurements and inserted the tags and trackers into its body. We all found out that the turtle is very strong; we found this out when we were trying to hold it down while tagging it.

We then finished up on the boat and headed back to shore. We got back to our resort and took a good hour and a half break before our dinner on top of The Baths. We arrived to dinner and found out that it was Asian Night which was a pleasant surprise. We then got to sit in on a slide show about our coral replant mission for tomorrow which was awesome. Thank lulu for listening, talk to y’all later.

Elliot Hartman