Day 4


Today we got to sleep in until 8 instead of 7 and I probably had the best sleep I’ve had this whole week. Then we went to doc’s, mr.kirby’s and Mrs boyle’s cabin for a breakfast of carrot, banana, and banana nut bread with honey buns and fruit. Had a little break before we had to meet at the cattle hours and I played cards with Joseph, Matt, and Schoenberg. Then we went to the dock and we got to check out the dive Bvi shop. I got tanks for my brother, sister and me. Then we went to the sea dragon boat and Joel told us about turtle tagging and monitoring. Joel is head marine biologist on the turtle conservation projects. Then my group went to catch and tag turtles. Jeremy caught hawksbill sea turtle with a prolapsed anus and tagged it and took pictures to see if it had some kind of infection. The way we caught the turtle is six people would be dragged behind the boat by ropes. If a person saw one they would raise their hand and make sure they never lost sight of it. Then 4 others would surround the turtle to keep it distracted. Then the other person would come up behind it in his blind spot and grab it. Then we had lunch on savanna bay. After lunch we did a touch tank on a lot of cool invertebrates like conchs, worms, urchins and crabs. One the organism was this grape looking algae, that was a little bigger than an grape, but it was only a single cell organism. Then we did a snorkel were I saw 2 spiny lobsters. Then we played ultimate frisbee till glen came to pick us up. Then I played cards during are break between then and dinner. For dinner we had Asian food and sushi, I had the spicy tuna roll. After that Casey debriefed us on our coral replanting tomorrow. The sun set was amazing.