BVI day 5


Today was a late wake up at 8 with breakfast served no more than about 100 yards from our house. Being the second furthest house away from the main road this morning was quite exciting. Breakfast was an assortment of fruit with other items. We split duties in the morning then switched for the afternoon. The Sea Monkey boat started with tagging turtles while the obvious better boat the Sea Dragon started with the touch tank in Savanna Bay. Our leaders had been in the bay for an hour collecting different invertebrates for us to study. Some of the animals they brought up were crabs, three different species of sea urchin, a few different slugs, and a fire worm. Out of that group I thought the fire worm was the coolest because it’s dangerous like fire coral but worse and when it is touched it has extra spines that come out to do even more damage. After that we snorkeled around the bay for a while. Ty and I found the biggest Spiny Lobster I have ever seen. We were pretty far off the shore but I still swam back to find a stick to try and tickle it out. Even with me poking it, it knew where he wanted to be and wouldn’t budge. They called us back in and we had lunch which was sandwiches and chips. The Sea Monkey team came to the bay and it was time for us to go turtle tagging. We started with the dragging method. Our team of six known as the Flounding Fathers were drug behind the boat in search for turtles. After about 10 minutes we saw one but we were not able to catch it. The other team got in and after about 25 minutes nothing had been seen so we packed up that area and headed to a new one. We snorkeled this area and both teams were on the heals of a couple turtles. The others guys got theirs first so we got that one pulled up to the boat to tag. Measurements were taking and tags were placed in both fins and a satellite tag just under the skin in its neck. We needed to get back quick to drop of Joel, who is the expert on catching and tagging here, at the ferry so he could catch his boat back to Tortola. We’ve had a few hours of down time and dinner tonight is Asian at the Baths.