Day Four BVI


Today I woke up and I got dressed just in some athletic shorts and tennis shoes. Joseph and I worked out on my porch for about 45 minutes and then I took a shower and got back in book and read a book until I thought it was time to wake the other guys up for breakfast. Unfortunately, I timed that wrong and we were a couple minutes late for breakfast. After we ate, we went to the marina and sat on the boat and heard a very nice man named Joel speak to us abut turtle tagging. Then after that we split up into boat groups and Sea Monkey (my group) went out for tagging turtles. That was a lot of fun! So here’s what we did. My group consisted of six guys in total. Three on the left and three on the right. We just had our snorkeling equipment with us and the first thing we did was get dragged behind the boat and we were supposed to keep it eyes out for turtles. Once someone spotted a turtle, that person would let go of the rope and raise his hand. Once everyone it, we all let go f the ropes and tried to strategize what we would do to catch this turtle. The spotter always kept an eye on the turtle. The best wast to do this was to have three people work together. Two would be on each side of the turtle so that the turtle would look up and see them. The third man would stay behind it and stay in the turtle’s blind spot. The person who is in the blind spot would go in to grab the turtle. You’re supposed to grab the turtle by the top and bottom of the shell. We were out there about 20 minutes and finally Jeremy (the dive instructor) caught the Hawksbill for us. All of us tried but it was harder than we thought. Freediving 25 feet date my skull hurt again sadly. But anyway, Joel showed us how to properly tag the turtle and we headed back for lunch after the second group went. For lunch I had two sandwiches and then we did some touch box stuff. Jessica pulled out some stuff off the beach and showed it to us and we talked about it for a while. Then we went snorkeling for about an hour and Joseph and I saw a lot of the stuff Jess talked about. We also saw a cool little fish that camouflaged into the sand and so everytime we got too close, it would quickly swim away then bury itself in the sand. This would happen repeatedly. It was kind of cool. Finally, we got back on the bus and picked up the other boat group from turtle tagging and we headed back to the cabins. We have free time until dinner and I thought it would be a good time to write about the day. Tomorrow we go to Jesuit reef!