2nd and 3rd day


Yesterday, around 7, I woke up and we went over to the docks. We had breakfast at the restaurant near the harbor. I had a sausage and bacon omelet. Then we got on our boats and sailed to Paul’s grotto and did fish identification, one of the coolest fish I saw on that dive was the smooth trunkfish. The trunkfish would go under overall big lips group of fish. We also ran into a lion fish, that was hiding underneath an overhang. Jeremy had to kill it though because they are in invasive species and eat native fish. He used speargun, which was really cool. On our second dive we went to mountain point. We dove and did some more fish identification but I didn’t get to right them down because Schoenberg dropped our slate. Some of the fish I remember seeing were barracuda, trumpet fish and floured eyed butterfly. The coolest fish there was the queen trigger, it used its dorsal and anal dorsal fins to move rather than its tail. In all we identified like 30 different fish. We also saw three Caribbean Reef Sharks. Then we came back and had lunch at the same place. I went to the dive Bvi shop and looked around for a little bit and got a new strap. Then we went to baths which was a bunch of Rocks created by the moving of the earths plates a long time ago. Sarah told us that the sharp edges of the rocks were smoothed down by waves and rain. The to coolest parts were the chapel and neptune’s cave. Then we snorkeled back to guavaberry. There’s was one part were we swam through this really cool tunnel, i saw a lot of turtles, urchins and fairy basslet fish on the way back. I’m not sure whether I like snorkeling or diving better because u can see more from the top but I like being able to stay under for long periods of time. Then we had dinner and went to bed.
Today, we got and had breakfast at the same place and I had the Same omelette. Then we got on the boats and went to the Rhone wreck. The Rhone was a ship that sunk during hurricane in 1860. The only survivors were the crew and one Italian passenger. There a luck porthole number 26 that you rub and make three wishes. When you swim under you can see all these air pockets from the divers before you and their really cool. While we were there we two eels, one spotted moray and one green moray. The stern was really cool because it was blown open by dynamite and you could see every thing inside of it. The propeller was like 4 times the size of me. There was also a huge spiny lobster popping in and out of a crevice in the boat. The Rhone has defiantly been my favorite dive so far. Then we went to cooper island and ahead fish and chips for lunch. The I had the best pineapple gelato I’ve ever had. Then we did a snorkel on cooper island to find seahorses. Whoever found one would get 50 dollars, but nobody found one. We did see barracuda, stingrays. Then we had dinner on the beach. We cooked out burgers and hot dogs. Then we did a sweet night snorkel. I saw an octopus, but it went back into its hole when it saw me. I also saw a big hermit crab, a couple cuttlefish, and a couple more stingrays. There also a bunch of these little worms that followed me around everywhere and bit me. Even though they things were bothering me a lot, that was my favorite snorkel.