Ty Morin – Marine Bio 1


Day three on the island:

The mornings are getting down to a science. 7am wake up, wake up the rest of the cabin, say good morning to Mr. Kirby who’s doing his wake up rounds, get dressed, and go to breakfast. We took a rather long boat ride, around twenty-five to thirty minutes away. We stopped in between Salt island and Pepper island to dive a shipwreck. The shipwreck was called the Rhone. It went down in a hurricane and actually got scooped up by the waves. It was broke in two by a rock nicknamed the “can opener.” It was sunk in water about eighty feet deep. Our first dive began by exploring the bow of the boat and swimming through sections of it. We saw a massive barracuda hanging out inside the hull of the boat. We also found a slipper lobster at the crows nest. We ascended, had snacks, and discussed the spooky story behind the lives lost when the boat went down. For our second dive we explored the stern and midsection of the Rhone. On the second dive we saw a spotted moray eel. The second dive had a lot more coral to see, as well as fish. All in all, the Rhone was a sunken treasure and offers the best scenery. We then ascended for the second time and went to Cooper island. For lunch, we had fish and chips, which is the best meal I have had all summer. I would come back to the island just for the fish and chips. The diving is truly incredible though. After lunch, we snorkled around Cooper island looking for turtles and stingrays. We ended up spotting both a southern stingray and a green sea turtle.