Our 2nd and 3rd days in Paradise


On Sunday morning, we again got to wake up at 7:00 am and meet at 7:45 for breakfast. Afterwards, we prepared our equipment and left to our divesite at West Seal Dog. The two dives for the day were focused towards fish identification. In my group, we named over 30 species of fish. Some that were my favorite to see were Carribean Reef sharks, flounder, and Fairy Basslets. After we finished both dives, we came back to Virgin Gorda for lunch. After a lunch right on the harbor, we left for a tour of the Baths. At the Baths, we got to walk through huge rocks and boulders, learning about how they got there and changed over time. We ended the tour with a snorkel through some of the Coral Reefs. I saw mostly Sargent Majors and Squirrel Fish, with many other varieties too. We ended the snorkel on the beach where we are staying, and then we got to relax for about an hour. To end our day, we walked down the street about half a mile to the place where we are dinner.
Today, we started off our day eating breakfast at the same place we have eaten yesterday morning, and left for our dive for the day. On the way to our site, a Green Sea Turtle passed by our boat. Both of our dives were on the wreck of the Rhone, one dive being for stern, and the other for bow. The bow was still intact, so we got to swim right through the boat. We saw schools of fish, mostly Squirrel fish, and other schools of fish too. I also saw a Green Moray eel and a Spotted Moray eel. The Stern part of the boat was separated from the bow, and it was split open. The whole boat was covered in hard and soft coral, with a lot of Elkhorn. After the two dives, we went to Cooper Island for lunch. We all got fish and chips to eat. We then got to dive right in the ocean next to the restaurant. I got to see an octopus ink, barracuda, tarpin, and sting rays. We left back for Virgin Gorda and went to where we stay. After an hour long break, we went down to the beach and got ready for dinner. After dinner and playing around, we went on our night snorkel. We saw sting rays, squid, octopus, and needle fish. We got to end the long day writing our blogs in the nice room with AC.