BVI Day 2


Today we took what we learned in the classroom yesterday and put it to work. Today was all about fish identification. Our first dive was at dog island. The dive was a forty five minute dive and we looked at many different types of fish and coral. We had to write down on a slate the type of fish and how many of that fish their were. The coolest part of the first dive is when we entered joes cave. When in joes cave you can look up and see the sunlight come in. The water in joes cave was a little bit colder and their were a couple of schools of fish that wouldn’t let you get close to them at all. We went to a new location for our second dive and did more fish identification. It was so cool to see all of the colors of the fish and the different sizes of fish. When we came up to the surface we compared what fish we saw and it was very interesting to see what you missed while you were down their. In the afternoon we went to the baths and did a tour. We did about quarter mile hike through the baths and saw many cool rock formations. I learned that the locals think that the holes in the rocks are shape like face. They believe pirates use to carve these faces in the rocks to scare off other people. The baths were very unique and interesting to walk. Not only did we shake mangos down from a tree on the tour I also ate my first termite. The most interesting part of the tour was talking about a certain cave that cannot get wet not matter what, even if it was a hurricane. We learned about two rocks, batholiths and zinolith. Batholiths was deep rock and zinolith was sharp rock. The snorkel back to the beach we ate dinner at the night before was very long. I saw many cool and interesting things such as a Sargent majors eggs. It was funny to see the male Sargent major swim back and forth right in front of its eggs guarding it. I also saw my first sting ray. The sting ray was a very cool thing to see in the wild. I had seen and even touched them before but that was when they were held captive. I also saw a sea urchin for the first time. I first saw those on a tv show called naked and afraid when they had to eat sea urchins. I did not want to get anywhere near the sea urchin because it looked like it would hurt so bad. Although the snorkel was pretty hard I saw very many cool things that I haven’t seen before.