Day 1


My day started with Mr. Kirby knocking on our cabin’s door and briefing me and my roommates Gordon Webb and Ryan Brooks on our morning and what to bring. At 7:45 I got into the bus and had a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausage, and some fruit. After breakfast I met some of the Dive BVI staff members Casey, Jessica, and Stephanie and had a lesson on conservation, with the captivity of orcas in Seaworld as a case study. After that me and the rest of the class had an activity where learned some characteristics of common fish in the area. Then we played a game where someone had to guess what fish was written behind them only relying on yes or no questions. After the game I had a delicious lunch of fries, salad, and fish sandwiches. After lunch I rode to the marina and got on a to go scuba diving. On our boat, the Sea Monkey, the instructors were Jeremy and Jessica. i rode out to Dog Island and had some instruction on how to setup our scuba gear and a briefing on our dive. I then dove into the water and after some brief review on regulator recovery and mask clearing we explored the coral reef. I saw many awesome fish like the fairy basslet, lots of different types of parrotfish, a large school of sergeant majors, and many different butterflyfish. I also saw a lot of different coral like sea fans, staghorn coral, elkhorn coral, and cup coral. Part of our dive was going through a narrow crag called the chimney and I saw cup coral that was feeding, so you could see the tentacles of the bright yellow polyp. The most amazing thing about that dive was seeing all the diversity and colors underwater and seeing all sorts of living things I had never seen before. After our dive we rode back to our cabins and I took a two-minute shower to get ready for Mass. The church was a the top of a large hill so you could see the whole island from the parking lot. Mass was fairly short, with a homily about being true to your faith, and then I rode back to Guavaberry and walked down to the beach where we had a lasagna and garlic bread dinner with chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Then my friends and I played frisbee and explored the beach for about and hour before i returned the Guavaberry.