First day


This morning we met the dive staff Casey, Jeff, Sarah, Jeremy, Jessica, and Andrea. Then Casey gave us an overview of marine biology and the itinerary for the week. She also talked about an environmental and social issue in the world to gage are thoughts on saving the environment. Her example was sea world and how they hunt, catch and exploit killer whales. Hank and Joseph had a debate on wheatear it was a good thing or bad thing to catch and exploit these creatures. Joseph said it was bad, his argument was that the people don’t care about the animals and just rip animals from their family’s for profit. Hanks argument to support the catching of whales was, that some people may never see them if their not put in captivity.i personally do not think they should be caught. Then we made shark hats and had a competition to see who’s was the best, mine didn’t win. We also went over fish identification of different marine life, like corals , sharks, damselfish, trunkfish, and angelfish. After lunch, we went to the dogfish islands for a dive. My dive masters are Jessica and Jeremy, my group and went with Jeremy on the dive. We found a sandy spot on the sea floor and did some dive skills like regulator recovery, regulator clearing, mask clearing, and hovering. While we were swimming to this overhang, we saw a lot of stag horn and sea fan coral. I also saw two grey angelfish swim like 2 inches away from my face. Underneath the overhang there were a lot of cup coral and one was feeding while we passed. Then we swam through this small chimney and back through to were we stated. Then we had to hurry back to make it to mass. The church was the top of this small mountain, And it had an amazing view of the island. Finally we had lasagna on the beach, explored and threw the frisbee. It was a great start to hopefully a great week in the B.V.I.