The first day of our adventure


On our first day today, I got woken up at 7:00 am by the glorious noise of a rooster. We had a while to get ready in the morning, then we all met up at our taxi bus thing. We rode there until we reached the people of dive BVI. We then had breakfast and played games for some amazing prizes of sunscreen samples. We did stuff like make shark hats out of paper plates and learn different species of fish. My hat got voted best, and I got free sunscreen for naming the four-eyed butterfly fish, which has two big circles on it to look like big eyes. Some people then had to guess a species of fish by only asking yes or no questions. People would ask if they were in certain categories, such as big eyed, big lipped, large scaled, or if it was a shark. We then had a lunch with options of tuna, mahi mahi, or chicken sandwiches. After lunch we left to the boats, got our scuba gear, and left to our divesite, Dog Island, after assembling our gear. We got to our divesite and got our gear on. We got into the water and practiced skills like mask flood removal, BCD retrieval, and hovering, we then got to go to a chimney and swim through it. The chimney was narrow and long. Under a rock ledge, we got to see a cup coral feeding, with tentacles sticking out of its mouth. I saw many of the fish species we learned about, and I even got to see a Juvenile Blue Tang, which was actually yellow. After our dive, we disassembled our gear, got changed, and went to mass. The service wasn’t very long, and we got to go eat a lasagna dinner right on the beach. We got to play on the beach and in the water, and we ended the day writing this blog about our first day.