BVI Day 1


After a long day of traveling and a short night of rest I had to get up early and get my day started. We took a taxi to the hotel for a warm breakfast and a classroom session. We met some of the instructors and learned about what we were going to do on the island. The first topic we talked about was endangered species especially the movie black fish and sea world. We talked about the different sides of whether or not whales should be held captive. Next we had an activity in which me made paper plate shark hats. The topic we spent the most time on was fish identification. We learned about many different types of fish and how they were classified. We then ate a very hearty lunch and then it was off to the boats for our first dive. After setting our gear up and learning about the safety precautions on the boat we set off to our first dive site. The dive we had today was forty five minutes and we stayed at around forty feet. I saw many of the fish and coral we had learned about earlier that day including stag horn coral, cup coral, elkhorn coral, and I saw lots of Sargent major fish and parrot fish. The visibility was amazing and the water was the perfect temperature. After we finished our dive we had to rush home so we could get to mass in time. The church we attended was on a mountain and had the most beautiful view I have ever seen in my entire life. After mass we headed back home for lasagna on the beach. Overall it was a tremendous first day and it exceeded my expectations.