BVI Day 1


After a long day of traveling yesterday and landing at night made waking up and seeing the island for the first time that much better. The day started with a 7 am wake up call and a ride to class. In class we started with learning more about each other and what kind of shark we were. After, we talked about the allegations surrounding Sea World and whether it should have the right to have an animal such as an Orca in captivity. To come up with a decision there was a debate between Hank and Joseph. Hank arguing that Sea World is doing nothing wrong and Joseph arguing what they are doing is wrong. Each had a moderator and gave their best points. In the end most would agree Hank won but there was no final decision on whether Sea World is right or wrong. We soon followed up with learning and identifying marine species that live here in the BVI with a little competition for fun, and after lunch we were able to put those skills to the test. We dove the chimney which at max depth was 40 feet and our time was for about 45 minutes. We had a quick turn around after docking because we also had mass tonight. So 3 quick showers back at the house and we were on our way. The church was on top of a hill with a view of the the ocean and the rest of the island. Tonight’s dinner was on the beach just a few minutes walk from the houses and it was a delicious meal consisting of lasagna and bread.
See you tomorrow Day 2