Luke Gomez-BVI- final day


Today was the sad last day to a great week. We started out an hour later than usual and we pent to the teachers cabin for a donut breakfast. After breakfast we received about a half hour of downtime where we were able to hydrate and prepare for the beach clean up. We went to the car, driven by Glen, followed a man who lived near the beach with a very large machete, and made our way towards a place with beautiful water, but a very dirty beach. We found everything from shoes, destroyed fuel barrels, to even a buried surfboard. It was truly a sad sight to see at first because you question how anyone could let something so beautiful go to waste, but after we had finished with the clean up, the once polluted beach became a site to be seen and showed us the power a group can do when they put their minds together to help others through service, no matter how large or small the deed. The entire time everyone’s minds were set on helping the people of the island in any way we could and it gave me a feeling of pride in myself and the school that I love. After the cleanup we treated ourselves to a final lunch at the marina. After lunch Mr. Kirby, Mr. Golab, and Doc gave us the rest of the day off until dinner which was about 4 hours from that point. I spent my time for a little bit at the wifi room, and afterwards spent the rest of the time at the beach with friends. After the free time, dinner was approaching. We arrive dressed up and ready to have the final meal with everyone. Before eating we took pictures with the teachers and the Dive BVI staff that had guided us throughout the past week. After the pictures we went back to the top deck to eat. After dinner, Casey showed use a presentation filled with pictures and videos taken throughout the past week. It briefly guided us all through the great memories that we had made in the past week. Mr. Kirby also showed us how the live stream of the underwater camera footage will be shown in the Jesuit hallway for now on. Dinner ended and it created emptiness in everyone’s hearts. After that we went home to pack and get ready to wake up at 4:30 the next morning. Before I log off of the blog, I would like to personally thank Casey, Jeff, and the entire Dive BVI staff for he fantastic week that they have given me. I made so many memories and I couldn’t have done it without the time that you spent on helping the Jesuit Marine Biology program in any way you could. Thank you all so much and I look forward to applying for the program next year and coming back for my senior year to have an even better time! As for Mr. Kirby, Mr. Golab, and Doc, thank you for mentoring us all this week as well as being kind enough to bring this great program to Jesuit. You’ve helped me learn so much this past week and I cannot express my gratitude to you all. Thank you all and goodbye until next year!