Day 6 – Merkel


Our final day in the British Virgin Islands started off slowly with a late breakfast at the chaperones villa. Apples, granola bars, and yogurt were the fuel to power our service activity at a local beach. The always friendly taxi driver, Glen, drove us to a neighborhood where we walked a precipitous trail down to the edge of a tired beach littered with foreign trash. After suiting up with gloves and a trash bag, a few friends and I began to comb one side of the unfortunate beach. Once everyone had filled at least one bag, we helped load them onto Casey’s truck and to the dump sites. Lunch graciously followed our manual labor and afterwards we were allowed to enjoy a full afternoon of relaxing before our early flight the next morning. After resting for a good portion of the break, I was awoken for our final dinner where we were treated to a presentation summing up the entire week of fun and excitement. I will miss everything about the marine biology trip and will hopefully remember the memories I have built up the last few days for a lifetime.