All Good Things Must Come to an End~ Day 6


Today started off at around 8:00. Our schedule for today was a little bit different. We were going to eat breakfast at around 9:00 over at the teachers’ cabin. For breakfast I had a huge chocolate donut and some apple juice. After we ate we had a couple of minutes before the Glenn came to pick us up at the cattle guard. We went back to our cabin and played cards for a while until we needed to leave for the taxi. The plan for today was to do a service project in the morning and have the afternoon free. We took off from Guavaberry at around 9:45 to go across the island to clean up a beach. When we finished getting over to the beach we all grabbed a latex glove and headed out in search of trash. We got to the beach around 10:00 and planned to work until 11:30. So, I started picking up trash for a while and everything was fine. But, I picked up a coconut husk and a snake slithered out of it and crawled on the ground and absolutely terrified me. I screamed like a little girl according to Doc. Anyways, the day continued and I kept picking up trash for the remainder of the time. When everything was said and done we had actually had a big impact on the beach. From the beach we could see the incendiary plant where the island would burn all of the trash ( it looked like a forest fire). After we finished, everyone got a group photo and then we headed back to the Marina for lunch. I had a cheeseburger with fries. Once lunch was over we had the rest of the afternoon off. I decided I would relax in the air conditioned room with wifi for a while and then head to the beach before our goodbye dinner. Once I finish this part of my blog I’ll be heading over to our Guavaberry beach to relax and enjoy being in the BVI. It’s really sad that our week is almost up, but I have had a phenomenal time and really enjoyed every minute of the trip!

After I finished my afternoon at the beach I walked back up to my cabin to prepare for dinner. I changed, showree, and put on some nicer clothes for our farewell dinner. Glenn picked us up at about 6:20 to go over to eat at Mermaid’s (the restaurant). We had a big buffet set up for dinner. The night was filled with laughs, tears, and joy. Casey put together a really great video for us. As the night grew closer and closer to the end things got more emotional. It really sucks to have to say goodbye to the amazing dive BVI staff. Luckily, it’s “see you later” and not “goodbye” because I’d really love to comeback next summer for the dive master internship with a few other Jesuit guys! After dinner I headed home, finished the blog, and plan to go to bed to wake up bright and early at 4:00ish. I’m off to get some sleep tonight before we head home tomorrow. Thank you so much to all of the Dive BVI staff for everything y’all have done. Casey, Jeff, Andrea, and Scuba Steve- thank you all so much for making this such a memorable experience! I really hope I get to see you guys soon! Definately planning on keeping in touch with you guys. Thank you once again for giving me the highlight of my highschool years!!