Day 6 Trash & Goodbye for now


Today we got to sleep in because breakfast was at the teachers hut at 9:00 am. I slept in until about 8:20, got up, and then got ready for the day. Today for breakfast I had a chocolate covered donut, a nutria grain bar, and water. After breakfast we had some free time, so we played some card games and just talked. Then, Glenn picked us up and we were taken to a beach to clean it up. We were given a trash bag, a latex glove, and a dirty beach. While, picking up trash we saw a lot of bottles that looked like fluids for cars or boats, a lot of netting, and some crazy things like a wind surfing raft. Also, on one of the mountains was a trash fire that was producing plumes of clouds we could see. Once we finished picking up trash, Jimmy and I rode in the bed of Casey’s truck to the trash collection in the marina to throw away the things that are only recycled there. After doing this we went to the bar on the marina and ate lunch. I had a cheeseburger with ginger ale. Looked around in a few shots and then we got back on the taxi with Glenn. Then, we got dropped off at Guavaberry and were given 4 hours of free time. During this free time we went into the Internet café with A/C and relaxed before our final dinner. At around 5:30 we went to our hut and got ready for our farewell dinner. We were picked up by Glenn at 6:20 and taken to the restaurant on the water named Mermaids. At dinner I had 3 of these really amazing bread things, some salad, corn, potatoes, and ribs. After we had finished eating, we watched a slideshow Casey had put together for us. Then, we were given news about where the live TV aquarium was going to be. Next, we were given a farewell speech by Casey, which made a lot of people emotional. Well at least personally it did. Then, Glenn took us back to Guavaberry; we packed, hungout, and went to bed because we have to wake up at 4:00.