Day 6 – Rope, Buckets, and Farewell


Today we cleaned up a beach by the airport. For a few hours, we picked up all sorts of trash around the area. There were thousands of pieces of various sized rope lying around the beach and stuck deep within the dirt; some pieces were over 20 feet long. Other interesting pieces of garbage were a surf board, large pieces of fiberglass from a boat, and a bucket stuck extremely deep into the ground. On the bucket alone, Noah, Adam, and I took thirty minutes to dig it out. When we were finished, though, the beach looked much better. As a group, we filled four truck loads of garbage.

For the afternoon, we have free time to roam around Guavaberry. I plan to stay at the Internet cafe (picture below) for a few hours, then head to the beach. Afterwards, we a have a final farewell dinner with the Dive BVI staff that has helped us this past week. During this trip I’ve learned a lot of new things, like fish species and the nature of aquatic ecosystems, and had many great experiences, like diving through shipwrecks and Spearfishing lionfish, but it’s time to say goodbye to BVI and head home to Texas!20140721-145305-53585160.jpg