Day 6


Today was a very relaxing day we ended up staying dry, which was upsetting because the ocean looked so refreshing to jump into to. But we helped out the community which made everybody feel good, to be able to give back to the community by cleaning up the beaches and making it a healthier and nicer place. It took around 1:30 minutes to clean up the beach and it was a lot of fun because you knew you were doing something good for other people. After that we went and had lunch and went shopping for some reminders of this amazing place. Overall this trip was great and i am very sad to leave this place. I hope i get picked to do this again next year, i would certainly do this again if selected. Well this is my last blog and a close to this marine biology trip, i hope all the work we put into building our reef succeeds and I’m very excited to see how it progresses through the years to come.