Day 6


Well, it’s finally here. This was the last day of our BVI trip and we finished strong. The reason being that we all went to a small beach and helped clean it up. Once we got up and had donuts about the size of my head, we made our way to the beach. The types of trash we found there was astounding. It ranged from simple bottles and and cans to metal barrels, plastic crates and a laundry basket! It really makes you wonder what the thought process was for someone to simply toss these items along the shore of the beach. After that was done, we had our lunch and now have the rest of the day to ourselves. So now, the trip has finally come to a close. We will be leaving very early tomorrow morning and will back in Dallas. So, was this trip worth it? Yes! This trip was a lot of fun. The dives were unique and fun, the food was good, the instructors were nice and the island is beautiful. It will be kinda sad to leave this place but I am happy to be heading back home.

So long BVI and thanks for a wonderful trip Jesuit marine Biology.