Day 5


Today was our last day going out on the boat and diving/snorkeling. Although it was sad because it was our last day, we still had a job to do which was setting up the new Jesuit reef by doing some coral transplanting. The day started out with everyone going to breakfast together, but once we finished eating we split up into marine 1 and marine 2. Marine 1’s job was to collect coral pieces for the reef at Long Bay. We were looking for fragments of staghorn coral that were not living in the current reef system so we did not disrupt a ecosystem. Doc and I snorkeled over the reef at Long Bay, scanning the bottom for coral for the divers to collect. Once we had collect enough pieces, we headed over to Baraka point where marine 2 had prepped the reef for the transplants. I watched the coral transplants from the surface, and it was really cool to see everyone work together go create a better ecosystem for the coral. It was also really cool to see the new underwater camera Jesuit got for the reef for the first time. After all the coral was planted to the reef, the marine 2 guys went back down and took measurements of all the coral so we can track the growth. While marine 2 did that, myself and marine 1 snorkeled the reef close to the coast. This snorkel was really cool because I saw a school of thousands of tiny silver fish. After marine 2 finished the measurements we headed back to guavaberry and got cleaned up for a pizza dinner on the beach.