Day 5


Today was about the preparation and actual action of transplanting coral in a new reef. We began by eating breakfast in our usual location in the marina. We then left to travel to Long Bay, where the old artificial reef was destroyed. We traveled about the area to find partially diseased pieces of staghorn coral. After collecting these and returning them to the boat, we chose the pieces of coral that were healthy and suitable for transplantation and broke them off of diseased parts. After completing this activity, we moved to the new location of the artificial reef and ate a lunch of sandwiches on the boat with the Marine Biology 2 students and tie up with the other boat. After lunch, Marine Biology 2 moved to place the epoxy on the reef near the camera. Marine Biology 1 then traveled to this reef to place the coral fragments in the epoxy and had limited success: 8 pieces were secured. We returned to Guavaberry after this and had some free time, then went on to the beach to eat pizza to conclude the day.