Day 5 Transplanting Coral


Today I slept in a little and woke up at 7:15. Then I walked down to the cattle guard to get picked up by Glenn. This morning at the restaurant in the middle of the marina I decided to try the bacon omelet. It was quite filling and tasty at the same time. After doing this Marine 2 went and got all our gear set up for our coral transplant. Having prepped our gear, we all went to the Dive BVI office and we were given screenshots that Casey had taken of the reef. The screenshots were of the surrounding reef and were taken so that we could have a 360 view of the reef. We then got all the photos pieced together and picked places to plant the coral. Next, we loaded the boats and headed for Baraka Point. Upon arriving we got into the water, swam about 200 yards and went to the transplanting site to scrub the rocks/bottom free of sentiment and algae. Then, we swam back to the boat (200 yards). Next, we waited for Marine 1 to arrive to Baraka Point. Once they arrived we ate lunch and hung out for a while. For lunch I had a sandwich with two pieces of meat and a slice of bread with peanut butter on it. After finishing lunch, Chris Ayers, Jack Kelley, Mr. Kirby, and I went back to the site to get the reef ready. The epoxy we used was putty and we put it in the transplanting spots we just cleaned. Then, we waited for Marine 1 to come with the coral fragments they had harvested, but they came late and the epoxy had already begun to harden. Almost everyone was at the site on the surface just waiting and us Marine 2 guys made a human raft and just relaxed. After, someone brought our last tube of epoxy they transplanting begun; however, I wasn’t responsible for transplanting because my job was done so the people who prepped the site swam back to the boat. We took a small break and once everyone had returned, Marine 2 switched tanks and we swam back to the site and took coral measurements with photos for later use. Then, we got back on the boat packed up, got to the marina, and unloaded Sea Dragon. Next, Glenn drove us to Guavaberry and we were given a lot of free time before dinner. During this free time I went to the commissary and started my blog post. When 6:25 came I walked to the beach for a pizza dinner. For dinner, I ate three slices of moist, delicious pulled pork bbq pizza. Lastly, I went to the commissary to finish my blog, upload it, and back to my cabin.