Day 5 – Epoxy, Spearfishing, and Staghorn


Today we went on our last dives of the trip at Baraka Point to plant coral by the underwater camera that marine II set up. We used staghorn coral for the transplant because of its natural fragmenting capability and sturdiness. While marine I gathered good staghorn candidates, II prepared the spot for planting. Afterwards, we worked together to place the coral. Overall, it went well, and eight coral were successfully planted. More would have been set, but the epoxy we used either dried too quickly or ran out. Using the camera, we will be able to track the growth progress of the coral throughout the year. After coral planting was done, marine I casually dived around the boat. After a while, Jeremy, Noah, and I stumbled upon the invasive lionfish! Noah and I watched as Jeremy properly speared the fish; it was very cool. We also observed some rather large crab and jellyfish.

Later today we are going to eat pizza on the beach. Tomorrow will be beach clean-up day. The trip is almost over, but I’ve had a lot of fun!