Two Days for the Price of One!


Yesterday, Friday, started very well, with birds chirping and the sun shining. We followed our usual morning schedule: wake up, sleep for ten more minutes, get out of bed, shower, pull our water out of the freezer, get our gear ready, head down to meet our ride, and head to breakfast. After breakfast, we soldiers of Jesuit Marine Biology went to the Dive BVI headquarters to meet Dr. Shannon Gore to discuss sea turtles. Us Marine 2 boys already knew everything, so this was simply a refresher course for us (*stretches and puts hands behind head*). After that, we headed down to the other side of the island and waded for a whole to see if we could spot a little lime shark. After wading around, we went back to get our snorkel gear to try for deeper waters. Once we finished there, we headed back to get lunch. After a good lunch, we headed down to The Bath’s to walk through and learn a little about how they were formed. While there, we managed to find some ripe mangoes growing on the beach. We had to do some finagling to get them suckers down, but man were they fresh when we ate ’em. After that small detour, we continued our tour, which ended with us snorkeling back to Guava Berry Beach. At the beach, we hung out for a few hours, and then had some burgers and hot dogs cooked by the mighty Jeff himself. Once the sun went down and the beach got dark, we headed our for a night snorkel. The sea was cold, but we managed to see some cool fish and even a little squid. We were exhausted after our snorkel though, so we just headed straight to bed.

And now we reach today’s events.
We once again followed our morning ritual (see above), but after breakfast today, we headed straight out to do a deep shipwreck dive. Us impressive, super athletic Marine Biology 2 men went to see some coral and fish first, grabbing some impressive pictures of sharks, rays, and lobsters, as well as the beautiful fish and coral. After that first dive, we headed over to shipwreck alley. I, however, managed to become slightly sea sick during our short trip around Cooper Island to the next site. I will spare the grueling details, but I stayed on the boat and threw up while everyone else went down to the wrecks and saw tons of cool fish. I did manage to see some yellow tail’s which came up to snack on some vomit chunks. They were cool, but eating vomit is gross, so not that cool. Anyway, while waiting for everyone to get back from their adventure, I hung out by the ladder and fell asleep while trying to not get sick again. I got a nice nap, but my shoulders are kinda burned, which makes sense when you decide to nap in the middle of the ocean. After that, however, we headed to Cooper Island Restaurant to eat the fabled fish and chips, which lived up to the legend. Once we let the food settle in our bellies, we snorkeled down the beach, looking for various fish that lived in the sea grass. The first half was uneventful, but during the second half of the snorkel, we saw huge schools of fish, five turtles within two minutes of first sighting, and even two barracuda. So I guess you can say the snorkel session was pretty cool. Once we got back to our main island, we headed home to change and get ready for mass. The service was nice, and pretty quick, so I left happy with the days events. After mass, we went straight to dinner, which was great. A seagull even came down and stole someone’s burger when they weren’t looking. Casey gave us a quick prep session for tomorrow’s incredible adventure. But you will have to wait until next time to find out what happens!

Sorry for no pictures today, I will just have to add more tomorrow.