Day 3/4


Today was a hectic and very tiresome day. We started off with an 90ft dive to the Rome. It was an amazing site and we saw a variety of fish. We got to swim through the hull in the ship and we saw a huge barracuda. It was very interesting to learn the whole background story of the ship and especially the traditions and beliefs of the native population. After we got up from the dive I ended up getting sea sick, that was not a fun experience, but things soon got better when we went to lunch and got delicious fish and chips that where freshly caught there in the ocean. Shortly after lunch we went snorkelling in the sea grass and we ended up seeing an eagle spotted ray, 4 turtles and 3 barracudas. Unfortunately we did not see any sea horses, but the scenery was perfect and couldn’t get any better. Once the snorkelling was done we went back to our cabins to get ready for our mass at the local community catholic Center the priest was very nice and talked about his days in communism in Poland and how you had no freedom and that by there being evil on earth was gods intention because if there was no evil there would be no freedom only the good people and god wants us to make our own decisions to prove that we are really loyal to him and love him. So I thought that was a great way to put it and i had never thought about it that way so the priest opened up my eyes in new ways of seeing the world. So that pretty much wrapped up today and everybody is exhausted but only really because of yesterday. Yesterday we woke up very early and went turtle catching which was exhausting! We finished that up around 1:00 and went to lunch. Soon after we went to the baths and checked out the caves and then swam a mile to the beach for dinner. After dinner we went on a night snorkel which was completely amazing we saw all kinds of night species that had bioluminescence and plankton that had a glow to it and some fish that changed colours but the Coolest part was seeing 4 sting rays and 2 barracudas and 1 reef shark at night it was an absolutely incredible sight.