Days 3 and 4


Day 3 was the most exciting day so far. The day began with a presentation about sea turtles, how to catch them, and how to tag them. We then immediately went to the boat and traveled to the location where we would look for turtles. I and five others were dragged behind the boat for several minutes to look for the turtles, but our group was forced to switch due to many jellyfish stings. We then switched, and when this proved unfruitful, we moved to Savannah Bay. We then snorkeled in this area for about an hour with no success. Finally, we moved to a new location in Savannah Bay, and caught one turtle to tag. We then returned to the Marina to eat lunch. After lunch, we went to the baths, where we received a tour from the dive masters until we reached the beach. Upon reaching the beach, we snorkeled until we reached the Guavaberry beach. We then went ashore and had a cookout with burgers on the beach. After eating, we celebrated my and Jackson’s birthdays followed by going night snorkeling, where we saw tarpon, squid, and stingrays. We then returned to Guavaberry to end our day.

Day 4 was mostly about wreck diving. This was a day with two tanks to dive. We traveled about half an hour to get to the wreck of the 19th century messenger ship Rhone. We spent another half an hour exploring the wreck in the first dive, entering and traveling through the bow. We also looked at the boilers and water punk during this dive. We then surfaced and spent an hour learning about the history of the Rhone and the wreck from the dive masters. After a sufficient surface interval time, we returned to the water with our second tanks and dove through the stern, including the propeller chamber and foremast. Upon returning from this dive, we surfaced and traveled to a restaurant on Cooper Island to eat fish and chips and explore the island. We then entered the beach immediately after to snorkel in the sea grass, seeing animals such as barracuda and spotted-eagle rays. After this, we boarded the boat and returned to Guavaberry to shower and change. We then went to mass at a church overlooking the Virgin Gorda Spanish town, then went to dinner at the Top of the Baths to complete the day.