Day 4 – Merkel


This morning started off slightly different than other days as nature did not awake the Frangipani house in its usual form of a wild bird. But when the cabin did come alive for another day of excitement, we hustled off to a hot breakfast at the marina and quickly filed onto our respective dive boats. The R.M.S. Rhone was the location of our two morning dives, a high current site about 45 minutes away from the harbor. The first dive consisted of exploring the bow section of the steamship at a depth of 80 feet where we were actually able to enter a small gap on the deck side of the split ship. After returning to the Sea Monkey for our surface interval, we revisited the bottom of the sea floor to explore the stern half of the Rhone. After swimming through the propeller blades and gearbox, lunch awaited us at a seaside restaurant on Cooper Island. Following the best lunch of the trip, both marine biology groups snorkeled off the beach into a seagrass location where my group encountered multiple sea rays, barracudas, fire worms, and hawksbill turtles. The daily rain shower brought an end to our snorkel and after boarding our boats yet again, we rushed back to shore for a quick shower before a 5:30 mass service. The rather humorous priest guided us through the highlight of the day and we returned for another dinner at the Top of the Baths Restaurant, followed by a presentation on coral replantation. This entry concludes one of the most exhausting days of our trip yet and we await the return of the eastern sun in the morning to resume our adventures.