Cooper Island Fun


Well, today was another fantastic and adventurous day to say the least. We started out by going to breakfast, which for me consisted of eggs and bacon once again. As always, it was delicious and filling, enough to where I wasn’t hungry again until lunch time. After breakfast, we hopped onto the boat and went to our first dive site. Our first dive site, whose name escapes me at the moment, was spectacular. We saw tons and tons of wildlife, including 3 Reef Sharks and one large Kingfish. It truly was one of the best dives I have ever been on. After we finished our first dive, we headed towards our second site. However, on the way there, Jack and I got a little sea sick. Not to the point where we were actually sick, but we were definitely feeling it. So, once we stopped and tied the boat to the mooring line, Jack, Chris, and I swam to shore for a little relaxation time to help us feel better. Once we arrived, though, we realized that getting on and off the shore would be treacherous, as there was no clear-cut way to get up on the beach. So we climbed up on the rocks doing our best to avoid the loads of fire coral and sea urchins that littered the shoreline. Getting up turned out to be the easy part, however, because getting back made avoiding the fire coral much harder. We couldn’t really see where we were stepping, so we had to leave it to chance to find our way back unharmed. Thankfully none of us were stung by anything, because it was a real possibility that it would have happened. Once we left the shoreline, we got back on the boat and geared up for our second dive at Deep Chromis, a site near Wreck Alley. We jumped in the water and ascended, and as soon as we got to the bottom, we started seeing massive fish. We saw a tarpon as soon as we reached the bottom, and little did we know that that was not going to be the biggest fish of the day. We swam for a while until Casey led us to an artificial reef, where we saw the biggest fish I have ever seen in my life. Blending in beautifully with the sunken boat, a Goliath Grouper was startled and swam out into the water in front of us. This fish was gigantic, like 5 feet, 400-500 pounds. Easily the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. But that pretty much marked the end of our second dive. After this was done, we had a delicious lunch of fish and chips, followed by a dessert of some of the best gelato I have ever had. It was quite delicious. After lunch, we went for a snorkel in the water surrounding the Cooper Island Beach Club. On this snorkel, I saw crazy fish like the ultra venomous stonefish, and also some cool looking crabs and other things like that. Aldo, a group of us chased a few sea turtles around and that was pretty fun. After that was all finished, though, we went back to Virgin Gorda and went to mass. Mass was pretty nice, and the priest was pretty cool and interesting. That basically marked the end of our day, but today has left me super excited for coral replanting tomorrow.