Day Two


On the second day in the British Virgin Islands, I had an exciting day of snorkeling at three different locations. The first thing we did was eat breakfast at a restaurant at the marina, where I enjoyed a delicious bacon omelet. Once everyone was finished eating we hopped on the Sea Monkey boat, and headed out to a dive site called the chimney. I had a great time snorkeling and identifying all the different fish species especially when I saw a nurse shark for the first time. I was able to identify 17 different fish species, and I thought this was really cool to use what I had learned in the water. The chimney site was unbelievable, but Paul’s Grato was just as cool. At Paul’s Grato I explored the coast of the island and went into a cave where I saw mass schools of young fish that were using the cave as a sanctuary. After the dive at Paul’s Grato, we headed back to the marina for lunch. Once we finished eating we went to Savannah Bay for a snorkel off the beach. After a short snorkel, Sarah and Andrea of Dive BVI gave us a lesson on invertebrates they found on the reef in the bay. I learned about the several different kinds of sea urchins and hermit crabs, and how the species eat, mate, and defend themselves. Once again we ended our great day at the Top of the Baths restaurant at sunset. After enjoying a great meal, we headed back to Guavaberry where I was finally able to lay down and relax after a exciting and busy day.