Day 2


Today was the second day of the trip to the British Virgin Islands. It centered around diving and snorkeling. We began by driving the marina at Dive BVI, where we ate breakfast. We then loaded the boat with two tanks of air and left to dive. The first site we visited was the Chimney, a class favorite, where we made a loop around a coral rock and circled back through a narrow passage before returning to the boat. After loading the boat and switching tanks, we then proceeded to move immediately over to a new site, Paul’s Grotto, where we spent our second tanks. During both of these dives, we were tasked with finding, identifying, and determining the amount of certain fish species. After surfacing, we returned to the marina to eat lunch at the same restaurant where we ate breakfast. After our day of diving, we proceeded to go to a beach to snorkel, where we snorkelers for an hour. After the first hour of snorkeling, we listened to the dive instructors talk about the invertebrates of the area such as sea stars and urchins for another hour, then snorkeled again for 45 minutes. We then returned to Guavaberry to shower and changed, then ate dinner again at the top of the baths to finish the day.