Day 2


Today was an amazing day, we stared off with the usual breakfast and then we hit the boats at 9 and went all the way out to the chimney chute. The water was insanely clear i literally jumped in and could see to the bottom from the top which was around 40 ft from the place we were at. We started to descend and were overtaken by underwater canyons it was so cool. We swam our way through the canyons and went under caves it was like something you see in commercials but way better. We also saw a barracuda it was so intense! It was around 5 feet long and silver it swam off really fast to. We also saw another reef shark which happened to be around the same size as the barracuda so it was really awesome since I’ve seen 2 sharks in 2 days. We also got to touch some jelly fish and encounter an eel, we also got to see tons of different kinds of specimens ranging from vertebras to coral and slugs and many other groups. So it was a lot of fun we also got to go snorkel at the beach and see some fish and other living organisms that live on the reef. Overall it was an amazing day so I’m expecting an even better day tomorrow since today was so good.