Day 2 – Merkel


For the second day in a row, Mother Nature awoke the Frangipani house with a singing rooster. After loitering around the room and eventually gathering our day’s supplies, we headed down to the cattle guard at the end of the road to be picked up by Glen, our taxi driver. After an omelette for breakfast, we boarded the Sea Monkey and traveled to our first dive site, which proved to be unsafe due to the high currents. So we instead traveled to an alternate location, the world famous “Chimney,” where our dive group encountered a nurse shark and barracuda, among other species of fish. After boarding back onto the dive boat, we were immediately taken to another dive location called Paul’s Grotto where we explored the floor of the ocean and eventually ran into a hawksbill turtle. Because of our delay with the first cancelled dive site, we had to rush back to the marina for lunch where the second marine biology group was waiting for us. Then came the most awe-inspiring part of the day, a snorkel dive in Savanna Bay. White beaches, rich vegetation, and crystal blue water provided the most scenic landscape for our visit. A scorpion fish along with a multitude of sea urchins reminded us of the danger of diving. As a brief rain shower cooled the air, we reviewed the different kinds of invertebrates and later headed back to the Guavaberry Resort for a quick shower and sunset dinner. Day two provided the most scenic of views and fulfilling experiences, and I sign off tonight awaiting tomorrow’s adventures.