Day 2- Camera Time


I woke up today at around 7:00, after an amazing night of well-needed rest. I got my gear packed up, got dressed, and was down at the cattle guard by 7:45. We had the best breakfast today at a restaurant near the Marina. We actually have a couple of choices for breakfast. This morning I ordered a bacon and cheese omelette, which was phenomenal. Also, I got some extra ham in my bacon omelette so I knew today was going to be a good day! And albeit it was a very good day! The plan for the day was to spend the morning assembling and planning the details for our camera and then in the afternoon we would actually put down the camera at our new location. We started off our morning session with discussing what we were actually doing. After that we started the process of actually getting the camera prepped for underwater. We worked on the camera for a solid three hours. After that we looked around in the Dive BVI shop for anything we would want to purchase. Once we strolled around the shop, we went outside to wait for lunch. To pass the time, Christian, Riley, Andrew, and I strolled around all of the big boats in the harbor. After we finished admiring those boats we went to lunch. I had a cheeseburger with fries for lunch and it was pretty good. Then we took off on our task to get our $18,000 camera underwater without failure. We hopped on Sea Dragon and headed over to Baraka Point. When we got to our destination we were broken up into different groups to assemble the camera. There were three groups- the camera, LDR, and cable. I was in the LDR group which was pretty much the power source for the camera that also would collect data like salinity, temperature, or pH. Our LDR group was Riley, Chandler, Garrett, and myself. After we had our groups we set off to place everything down. Our group did a really good job of getting everything secured underwater. Then we got all of the sensors attached. Finally after an afternoon of diving, we had offically set up our camera. It is now streaming successfully from the island! We were late heading back to the Marina so we packed our stuff up and grabbed the taxi home. I showered, imported some pictures, and headed down to the cattle guard. Then once we were all together, we went down to the restaurant and ate. We decided that we would type the blog before we finished dinner to save some time. So I started the blog and then grabbed our “island” dinner (BBQ chicken, plantains, and pork & beans). I just finished dinner to finish the blog so now I will wrap this up and enjoy the rest of the evening! The trip is absolutely phenomenal and I am so grateful I got to come back!