Day 2- Camera Installation


I was once again awoken by the rooster followed by my phone alarm. Then, I got dressed walked to the cattle guard where we met and were picked up by Glenn. We got to the marina and ate at this restaurant in the middle of the shops. I had over medium eggs, bacon, a cup of coffee, and some toast. Following breakfast we went to Dive BVI’s office to prepare and test the underwater camera. Next, we had lunch at this bar right on the marina. Here, I ate a cheeseburger and fries with lemonade. Then, we went and loaded up Sea Dragon again with our equipment for the underwater camera. Next, we departed for Baraka Point where we had previously planned to install the camera. Upon arriving and tying up to a mooring line, we were briefly briefed about how we were going to install the camera. After being briefed, my dive buddy (Jack Kelley) and I got into the water and swam with the camera to the install location. When we arrived we waited for the mounting platform to be prepped for the install by Casey. She finished prepping and Jack and I began our decent with the camera. The camera was negatively buoyant so we had to use a mesh bag with weights applied to it to sink it to the platform. When we arrived at the platform we began to install it by screwing down the camera. We had some difficulty securing it, but after persistently hitting the corners onto the platform we were able to secure it. Then we connected all the necessary cords for it to function and then helped hide the cord. We swam back to the boat, boarded, and then got to the marina and unpacked the boat. Next, we got on the taxi and got dropped back off at Guavaberry, where I showered and got ready for dinner. Then, we met at the cattle guard and walked up to the road to the same restaurant and ate dinner. Day 2 was extremely exciting and we made history!
All the following photos are credited to the one and only Dr. Gruninger