The Camera Adventure


Well, today was a pretty spectacular day. However, last night Christian, Jack, and I had a close encounter of the arachnid kind yet again. Before we went to bed, Jack almost had a large spider, about the size of a half dollar, land on his head. However the problem was swiftly taken care of by Christian. After all that, we decided it would be best to go to bed. We woke up at about 7 and showered to get ready for the day. We met with the group at 7:45 and went to breakfast. Breakfast was really quite good, and my craving for eggs and bacon was fulfilled. After breakfast, we went to set up our underwater live streaming camera in the Dive BVI office. It was very problematic for an hour, because the camera was not cooperating with us too well. But, after fruitless effort and a call to the creator of the camera, we got it working. After this we went to lunch and had a pretty decent meal. Once lunch was finished, we went to our new reef and divided up into teams for our camera installation. My group had to put the LDR, or the long distance repeater, and it consisted of Garrett, Chandler, and Chris. We went over the plan on the boat for about five minutes, and then we hopped in the water and dragged our equipment over to the site. Once this was done, we sunk it and got it bolted in and waited for everyone else to complete their duties. After they had finished, we hooked the camera up to the power supply and watched it turn on. It was a pretty glorious sight to behold. We finished up by putting rocks over the cable so it wouldn’t be visible from the camera’s view. After we had finished this, we swam back to the boat and basically finished our day. I’m not sure what we are doing tomorrow, but I am sure it’ll be fantastic.