My first dive in the BVI


First we woke up at around 645 am to get ready and packed for the day. It was surprising waking up to a rosters crow. You don’t usually see or ever hear rosters in Texas! So that was interesting, so after that i packed up all my scuba gear and items for the day. The sunrise was amazing watching it come from under the ocean and rise above the mountains and hills was beautiful. So we got to see that on the way to the classroom, were we reviewed the whole morning about things on the islands and safety rules and the other usual scuba diving topics. After that we went scuba diving, we got outfitted and all geared up and left for George dog island. It was so amazing underwater it was unlike any experience i saw all kinds of fish and living things and plants and organisms I’ve never seen before, like angle fish, sea urchins, and eagle spotted sting ray, and some jellyfish and some elk-horn coral and a bunch of other things but the coolest thing we saw was a nurse shark sleeping.It soon woke up and swam away. After that we just toured around the reefs and eventually made our way back to the boat and ascended. I am really excited for day 2 i cant wait!!. Overall it was a great day and i know its only going to get better and better!.