BVI July 16th, 2014. Splendiferous


Today was beyond a great day, in fact it was so great it’s essence can only be captured by the word splendiferous. The day began when I was woken up by sweet melodic bird song. However, before the bird song completely woke me up I was jarred awake by the most horrid of roosters who insisted upon singing with the other birds. After the roosters ceased their cries and I finished packing for the day we headed down to a cafe where we got a large briefing and played a few games like fish identification. Once lessons ended and our lunch was finished we hopped in a truck and then a boat with our scuba gear and headed to the Dog islands.The dive site we went to was Billy Bronco and it was absolutely fantastic, or as fantastic as I believe it was as it was my first salt water dive ever. I was lucky enough to be pair with Mr. Golab and I was also lucky to be the first one in the water. It was glorious, the water was crystal clear with a lovely tint of blue and at first glance a barren field of sort coral with elk horn skeletons but after descending to the floor it’s true beauty and vas biodiversity was revealed. Fish of every shape and color all around, big and small, dark and light, any fish you could imagine! We were even lucky enough to see a peacock flounder and a grey angelfish juvenile. The only remote, slightest complaint that I have was there wasn’t a sea horse to be seen, quite a disappointment for Mr. Golab and I. After the dive and the boat home we had a brief break in which we could shower and change before dinner which was eaten at a restaurant above the baths, and what a view it had.