Day 1- Re-Initiation


After a long, delayed, and interesting day of travel, it was nearly 9 o clock and completely dark when the shade of Virgin Gorda came into view. Traveling all day had everyone irritable and undeniably ready for sleep, but of course the people in my cabin, Riley and Jack, and myself included talked into the hours of the night until the realization of the early morning and initiation day was brought forth. We hit the hay, only to be woken up promptly a few hours later by, what sounded like, every rooster in the Caribbean. After our ears were drilled with the endless crows, Doc and Mr. Kirby walked by to ensure we were up. Hazily brushing our teeth and putting suits and flip flops on, we left for the cattle guard at the entrance to Guava Berry where our ride was to pick us up. The group went to a small resort across the island for introductions and a small amount of class. We learned everyone’s names and the marine 2 students got nice cameras! Casey taught some basic fish and coral identification to give us some bearings when we dove later in the day. After spending the morning learning and introducing, we ate lunch and rode over to the boats to finally get ready to dive! The marine 1 kids and marine 2 kids separated into sea dragon and sea monkey. I was in sea dragon because I am fierce and also because I am in marine 2, but mostly because I breathe fire and I’m spicy. Just kidding, but sea dragon is the much better boat. Marine 2 drove over to the old site of coral rehabilitation, which was a depressing sight. Anchor damage toppled countless corals that the students from last year planted, but fortunately some flourished. After seeing the wreckage, we decided to visit a more abundant site, a site that would be the future home of a permanent underwater camera that can monitor the coral growth that is to come from replanting this week. The site near the camera is flourishing with life, which the the reason I saw countless reef fish and even two enormous lobsters! Many saw squid and some rare fish, and as a result the group was collectively pleased with the location for the camera and coral replanting. After a long day of diving and soaking in the beautiful island sun, the boat was to head back to harbor. We went back to cabin and took some quick, refreshing showers and off to dinner we were. We stuffed ourselves and went back for ice cream, satisfied and ready for the week of work and adventure to truly begin!