First Day of Diving


After a full day of traveling by plane, boat and bus, I was ecstatic to begin diving. When my roommates: Luke, Jackson, Chase and Sean, and I woke up, we immediately got ready for the day. However, before we could begin diving, we had to first attend a small introductory class in order to recall all of the different types of coral and fish we would be seeing on this trip. During this class, we were given a good breakfast and lunch and after we finished the lesson, we play a guessing game. The goal is to have one person guess the correct name of a fish by asking questions about its description. The winners got to be first for lunch or dinner or received a wide angle lense for a camera. We got on board our ship called the Sea Monkey and were greeted by our dive instructors: Sarah, Jeremy and Jessica. Once we got everything set up, we made our way to George Dog Island and began our dive. The water felt amazing but also really salty. However, the real fun was when we made our descent into the water. Once we made it to about 40 ft. In depth, we swam around, taking notice of all the marine flora and fauna, such as barrel sponge, soft coral and goat fish. Yet the biggest surprise of all came when we saw a nurse shark that looked like its was a foot and a half long. It was a real surprise to see one and it was especially funny when one of the guys was using his GoPro in order to get footage of it and the shark became curious. After the dive was finished and we cleaned off all the equipment, we returned to the hotel and made our way to a pretty good dinner of pasta, meat, salad and rolls. The view we got from the restaurant was breathtaking. Don’t believe it see for yourself!

Yup, it was definitely a great first day down in Virgin Gorda. If the rest of the week is as good as it was today, then it is going to be a real shame to have to leave this place.